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Peristaltic Pumps for Biogas Applications — LSM Pumps

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Increased biogas plant productivity with LSM Peristaltic Pumps for BiogasYou rather search for a centrifugal pump?

SPS develops solutions with LSM pumps to allow for increased solid content in biogas media.
LSM peristaltic pumps for biogas industry

Looking for a progressive cavity pump?

Eccentric screw pumps also called progressive cavity pumps used in biomethanation
The LSM peristaltic pumps for biogas enjoy several years of experience in many biogas plants for methanation of various residues from agricultural production, food and fat industrial byproducts.
In the biogas process, LSM peristaltic pumps are used, among other things, for the transfer of raw biomass into the digester. The diversity of raw materials, with their high concentration of straw, fiber, various solid waste, food waste, grease … make life difficult for conventional pumps.
Unlike LSM pumps, which by their design, allow significantly higher solid content.
Straw residues consistently present in biomass, greatly accelerates the wear of stators and rotors of traditional progressive cavity pumps, unlike for LSM peristaltic pumps that allow the passage through of more solid content without damaging the pump.

LSM peristaltic pumps are totally bidirectional. That makes “pumping from” in a first part of a process, then “pumping to” in a second phase of a process extremely simple.

The SPS technical sales team is available to analyze your project.
Learn more about how to improve biogas plant productivity by an improved transfer of organic material with LSM Peristaltic Pumps