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Tell us a little more on your application
for a Drum Pump

Drum pumps for every application - corrosive, viscous or not, FDA compliant or ATEX, we have the best solution for your application at the best price.

You are seeking for a highly reliable drum pump
but want to pay the very best price!

To be able to help you,
we need some data about your pump and its application.

In your email, please tell us:

  • ✔︎ What is the fluid that you will have to pump?
  • ✔︎ Which viscosity (centipoises or mPas-s)?
  • ✔︎ What will be the temperature range?
  • ✔︎ Is your application requiring FDA Compliance?
  • ✔︎ Is the fluid flammable.
  • ✔︎ Do you need an ATEX solution.
  • ✔︎ Does your application require electric or air motor?
  • ✔︎ Or a 12 V Lithium Ion Battery to be able to work unplugged?
  • ✔︎ What are the expected flow and pressure?

Visit our dedicated pages to learn more about the various FTI Drum Pump models and how they can best fit your application.