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Travaini TRH & Travaini TRS Vacuüm Pompen

  • Clean air discharge
  • Various service liquid handling as water, oil, solvents to serve all types of applications
  • Pressure to less than 33 mbar
  • Highly reliable and easy to maintain
  • Large selection of materials

Liquid Handling Capability

Pumps are capable of handling even high volumes of vapours, condensables and liquids, without detrimental consequences to their performance or their mechanical reliability.
Pump service liquid can be water or other liquids such as oils, solvents etc. to satisfy almost any process requirements.

Discharge of Oil Free Air

With clean water as pump service liquid, the aspirated air (or gas) is “washed clean” within the pump. Contrary to other types of vacuum pumps the discharged air is therefore, completely free of any oils, carbon or plastic particles.

Pressure to Less than 33 mBar

Liquid ring vacuum pumps, type TRH in series with devices such as ejector and/or vacuum boosters can operate at pressure lower than 1 mbar.


Designed and manufactured under the ISO 9001 standards, every components is guaranteed for the selected materials, workmanship and performance through scrupulous inspections during production stages and final testing of finished product.

Exploded view of a Travaini TRH 2 stages vacuup pump.

Fewer Components

Through engineered design innovations and co-operation with the finest technologically advanced foundries, the pumps are manufactured with less components than typically required. Fewer parts add to the rigidity and toughness of the pumps, they are easier to assemble and maintenance is greatly facilitated.


The conventional stuffing boxes construction is eliminated with the Travaini standard design. The shaft length is greatly reduced, eliminating the potential danger for shaft deflections and vibrations to the mechanical seals which would increase seals and bearing wear.

Standard Mechanical Seal

In keeping pace with today technology. Pompetravaini has standardized all pumps to accept unified mechanical seats to DIN 24960 standards. Also available upon request, are constructions with double mechanical seals (tandem or back to back) or cartridge type mechanical seals.

Large Selection of Materials

In addition to the standard materials. Pompetravaini pumps are also available with special exotic materials such as Ni-Resist D2B, Hastelloy B or C. Uranus B6, etc. to meet specific requirements.

Mounting to B3 or B5 Motors

Pompetravaini standard design may be base-mounted coupled to motors type B3. Pumps up to 30 kW can also be close coupled to motors type B5 utilizing specially designed attachment flange. This close-coupled arrangement allows utilization of standard readily available electric motors, eliminates lengthy alignment procedures and costly breakdowns associated with misalignments. Overall dimensions are reduced and engineered baseplates are no longer required.

Mechanical Reliability

With the simple design of liquid ring pumps there are no reciprocating parts, no valves or sliding vanes.
The impeller is the only rotating component with no metal-to-metal contact. Pump operation is therefore with minimal wear, vibrations free and noise levels are greatly reduced.

  • Double Stage Vacuum Pumps Serie TRH
  • Capacity 3 up to 3500 m3/h
  • Minimum Pressure ranging from 33 mBar to 200 mBar
  • Single Stage Vacuum Pumps Serie TRS
  • Capacity 10 up to 3500 m3/h
  • Minimum Pressure ranging from 200 mBar to 900 mBar