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Accessories for Drum Pumps

Drum Pump Accessories

SPS conveniently offers a variety of centrifugal and drum pump accessories designed to enhance any pump system.
Please the tabs below to view our pump accessories.

FTI flow meters can dispense and batch precise amounts of fluids from drums, barrels, totes and other containers. Constructed of splash- and corrosion-resistant polypropylene or PVDF, flow meters can handle a wide variety of chemicals and corrosive liquids such as acids, bases, cleaners, coolants, plating solutions, pesticides and herbicides.

They are available as standard preset factory calibrated to provide flow rate and total volume pumped, with user calibration available for custom flow rates and totals available in select models. Batch control, available on FMBC models, stops the pump after a customer adjustable preset volume has been pumped.

With an easy to read LCD display, push-button interface, engineered connection components for fast assembly, and an automatic power down feature to extend the life of battery-operated models, FTI flow meters offer user friendly features for ease of pumping and dispensing.

Flow meters offers +/- 1% accuracy and repeatability when pumping fluids with viscosities up to 20 cP at temperatures ranging from 0˚ C to 49˚ C with flow ranging between 20 L/min to 120 L/min. Meters are designed for use on PFM, PFP and PFV drum pumps.

Call us for more information on capabilities of specific models to ensure correct selection for your application.

FTI Flow meters to be used with Drum Pumps.

Model FM-1000
Preset Factory Calibrated (L/min)

# ArtConstructionDescriptionPump Models
106608-4PP, Hastelloy C,
106608-5PP, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFM, PFP
106608-6PVDF, Hastelloy C,
106608-7PVDF, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFV

FTI Flow meters to be used with Drum Pumps.

Model FM-2000
Calibrated by the user (L/min)

# ArtConstructionDescriptionPump Models
106609-4PP, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFM, PFP
106609-5PVDF, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFV
106734PP, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFM, PFP
106734-3PVDF, Hastelloy C,
Speed & TotalPFV

FTI Flow meters to be used with Drum Pumps.

Model FMBC-3000
User Adjustable Calibration with Batch Control(L/min)

# ArtConstructionDescriptionPump Models
106734-1PP, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFM, PFP
106734-2PVDF, Hastelloy C,
Flow & TotalPFV

Nozzles allow for the safe dispensing of fluids and greater control when filling containers.
Select from our available options below.

Nozzles for FTI Drum Pumps

# ArtPumps ModelsConstructionDescription
A101497-1EFPP, SS 316, FKM3/4″ Hose barb
107231*EFSS, FKM3/4″ Hose barb
A101497PF, TT, TBPP, SS 316, FKM1″ Hose barb
A101522PF, TT, TBPP, FKM1″ Hose barb, Union valve
J101929PFS, TTS, TBSAlu, SS, Buna1″ threaded FNPT
107232*PF, TT, TBSS, FKM1″ Hose barb
107464*PF, TT, TBSS, FKM1″ threaded FNTP

Flexible discharge tubing is used to safely transfer fluids from pump to container.
Discharge tubing is available in clear or reinforced PVC with operating temperatures ranging from -30˚ C to 79˚ C.
Operating temperature is dependent upon material and applicable pump model.

Standard length is 1.5 m.

Hoses for Drum pumps.

Discharge Tubing

# ArtPumps ModelsConstructionDimensions
107435EFPVC reinforced3/4″ ∅ int — 1″ ∅ ext
1.5 m
M102167TT, TBPVC clear1″ ∅ int — 1¼” ∅ ext
1.5 m

Static Protection Kit

FTIs Static Protection Kit (SPK) is recommended to help prevent the accumulation of static charge when transferring flammable or combustible liquids. It is to be used in conjunction with stainless steel drum pumps and air or explosion-proof electric motors.

When pumping flammables at high flow rates, a static charge can build up due to the high velocity at which the fluid is moving. Static charge can become a spark capable of igniting flammable liquids. This is rare occurrence, but it is wise to prevent the possibility by using the SPK. Keeping the velocity of the liquid low, significantly reduces these hazards. Our metal tube pumps combined with an appropriate motor and static protection kit is an engineered package designed to provide customers with a high level of protection when pumping flammable liquids.

The SPK is a conductive 1-inch I.D. cross-linked polyethylene discharge hose with grounding cables to bond the pump, motor, hose and receiving drum.
It is also advised to limit the pumps output velocity to 0.9 m/second maximum (environ 26 L/min in a 1″ hose), which will reduce the hazards of static build-up.

# ArtPumps ModelsDescription
A100835PFS, TTS, TBS1″ Hose barb
A100836BT, HVDP1½” Hose barb
A100961TMSSS Cables
as earthing

Drum Adapters

Keeps pump snug in container bung & limits escape
of fumes. Fits standard 2″ IPS bung opening.

Adapters Drum Pumps.

# ArtPumps ModelsConstruction
107426EFSSS 304
107425EFP, EFVPP
M100088PF, BT, TMGalvanised steel
M100094PF, BT, TM, HVDPSS 304
M100089TBS, TTSGalvanised steel
M100092TBS,TTSSS 304

Inlet Strainers

Prevents intake of objects or particulates.

Protection Inlet Strainers for Drum Pumps.

# ArtPumps ModelsConstruction
A100111PF, BTSS 304
A100337TTS, TBSSS 304

Wall Mount Brackets

Stores pump upright on the wall.

Wall mount bracker for drum pumps.

# ArtPumps ModelsConstruction
M100015PF, TB, TT, TMPainted métal
M100740BT 0.75, 1.5 et 2.2 kWPainted métal

Discharge Spouts

Attach quick disconnect fittings, flow meters, or hard piping.

Quick connect fitting for drum pumps.

# ArtPumps ModelsConstruction
108333PFM, PFP3/4″ PP Hose barb
108334PFV3/4″ PVDF Hose barb
108335PFM, PFP1″ PP MNPT


Charges S6 lithium ion motor in two hours.

Chargers for drum pump running on 12 V  Lithium Ion batteries.

# ArtPumps ModelsDescription
108145S6230 V quick charger