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During the COVID-19 crisis, as production must continue to supply all citizens, SPS Pumps will remain open in order to help our customers with their pumps and parts needs.

Technical Details of Eccentric Screw Pump
Allweiler® Exploded View

Allweiler Exploded View

To view the description and position number of a spare part on the exploded view,
use your mouse to hover on the spare part’s drawing without clicking.
A hangout with the data will appear on the screen.
Once you’ve identified the parts you need,
call us to receive your offer as soon as possible.

Exploded View

Exploded view of an Allweiler eccentric screw pump

402 401 303_1 303_2 303_3 303_4 301_1 301_2 304_1 304_2 306_1 306_2 306_3 306_4 308_1 308_1 302_1 302_2 307 118 101 114