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During the COVID-19 crisis, as production must continue to supply all citizens, SPS Pumps will remain open in order to help our customers with their pumps and parts needs.

Supported PCM® Pump Models

PCM® Progressive cavity pumps Models for which
SPS offers 100% compatible spare parts

Many PCM® pumps models have tailored codes to suit particular situations.
Do not hesitate to call us if you cannot find your model from the list.

BrandCommercial NameTypeModelNr StepsFlow Rate [m3/h]SPS Pump code
PCM0.4 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)0,42PC.H.0.4-2
PCM0.4 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)0,44PC.H.0.4-4
PCM1 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)12PC.H.1-2
PCM1 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)2,64PC.H.2.6-4
PCM2.6 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)2,62PC.H.2.6-2
PCM2.6 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)2,64PC.H.2.6-4
PCM6 H 6H Serie (Hygienic)61PC.H.6-1
PCM6 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)62PC.H.6-2
PCM6 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)64PC.H.6-4
PCM8 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)82PC.H.8-2
PCM13 H 6H Serie (Hygienic)131PC.H.13-1
PCM13 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)132PC.H.13-2
PCM13 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)134PC.H.13-4
PCM25 H 6H Serie (Hygienic)241PC.H.24-1
PCM25 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)242PC.H.24-2
PCM25 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)254PC.H.25-4
PCM40 H 6H Serie (Hygienic)401PC.H.40-1
PCM40 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)402PC.H.40-2
PCM40 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)404PC.H.40-4
PCM60 H 6H Serie (Hygienic)601PC.H.60-1
PCM60 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)602PC.H.60-2
PCM60 H 24H Serie (Hygienic)604PC.H.60-4
PCM90 H 6H Serie (Hygienic)901PC.H.90-1
PCM90 H 12H Serie (Hygienic)902PC.H.90-2
PCM0,4 I 10I Serie0,420,4PC.I.0,4-2
PCM2,6 I 10I Serie2,622,6PC.I.2,6-2
PCM6 I 5I Serie616PC.I.6-1
PCM6 I 10I Serie626PC.I.6-2
PCM13 I 5I Serie13113PC.I.13-1
PCM13 I 10I Serie13213PC.I.13-2
PCM25 I 5I Serie25125PC.I.25-1
PCM25 I 10I Serie25225PC.I.25-2
PCM40 I 10I Serie40240PC.I.40-2
PCM45 I 5I Serie45145PC.I.45-1
PCM62 I 5I Serie62162PC.I.62-1
PCM90 I 5I Serie90190PC.I.90-1
PCM100 I 10I Serie1002100PC.I.100-2
PCM120 I 5I Serie1201120PC.I.120-1
PCM150 I 10I Serie1502150PC.I.150-2
PCM240 ID 5ID Serie2401240PC.ID.240-1
PCM0,4 ID 10ID Serie0,420,4PC.ID.0,4-2
PCM2,6 ID 10ID Serie2,622,6PC.ID.2,6-2
PCM6 ID 5ID Serie616PC.ID.6-1
PCM13 ID 10ID Serie13213PC.ID.13-2
PCM40 ID 5ID Serie40140PC.ID.40-1
PCM40 ID 10ID Serie40240PC.ID.40-2
PCM62 ID 5ID Serie62162PC.ID.62-1
PCM100 ID 5ID Serie1001100PC.ID.100-1

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