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The Stator

the stator of an eccentric screw pump also called progressive cavity pump
The stator is the most frequently replaced part. It wears out naturally owing to the constant friction caused by the rotation of the rotor (spindle). Its replacement frequency depends on the type of fluid being pumped. Certain liquids that contain more or less hard or abrasive particles tend to reduce the stator’s lifetime. The stator is comparable to the tyres on a car: it has to be changed regularly to guarantee that it works correctly. SPS stocks a wide range of stators for the Allweiler ®, Netzsch ®, Mono ®, Seepex ®, Bornemann ®, Mono ®, Moyno ®, PCM ® and Wangen ® pump brands. The materials they are made of vary according to the application:

  • Black nitrile, white nitrile
  • EPDM Black, EPDM white
  • Buna CB
  • CSM
  • HNBR
  • Silicone
  • Perbunan®
  • Nitril®
  • FKM
  • Viton®
  • Natural rubber
  • Teflon®