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During the COVID-19 crisis, as production must continue to supply all citizens, SPS Pumps will remain open in order to help our customers with their pumps and parts needs.

Supported Wangen® Pump Models

Progressive cavity Wangen Pump Models® for which
SPS offers 100% compatible spare parts

Many Wangen® pumps models have tailored codes to suit particular situations.
Do not hesitate to call us if you cannot find your model from the list.

BrandCommercial NameTypeModelNr StepsFlow Rate [m3/h]SPS Pump code
WangenKL 15.4KL154
WangenKL 25.4KL254
WangenKL 30.0KL3013
WangenKL 40.0KL4014,5
WangenKL 40.2KL4024,5
WangenKL 40.4KL4044,5
WangenKL 50.0KL50110
WangenKL 50.2KL50210
WangenKL 50.4KL50410
WangenKL 60.0KL60115
WangenKL 60.0KL60115
WangenKL 60.2KL60215
WangenKL 60.3KL60315
WangenKL 60.4KL60415
WangenKL 80.0KL80135
WangenKL 80.2KL80235
WangenKL 80.4KL80435
WangenKL 90.0KL90145
WangenKL 90.1KL90145
WangenKL 90.2KL90245
WangenKL 100.0KL100165
WangenKL 100.1KL100165
WangenKL 100.3KL100365
WangenKL 110.0KL110175
WangenKL 110.1KL110175
WangenKL 120.0KL1201100
WangenKL 125.0KL1251100
WangenKL 140.0KL1401125
WangenKL 165.1KL1651125

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