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Versa-Matic Pumps ®

A Few Words about the Versa-Matic pumps ® Brand and
the Warren Group it is belonging to

The brand Versa-Matic® is one of the many brands of the Waren Rupp group, which was founded in 1965 by Mr Warren Rupp himself.
The Versa-Matic pumps are commercialized a little bit later, in 1983.
The group grew rapidly and the Versa-Matic® range — together with the Sandpiper® range which also belongs to the group — became one of the worldwide leaders for the diaphragm pumps.
Today, Warren Rupp belongs to the IDEX group, which is active in many sectors of activity related to fluids in general and to applications such as avionics, firefighting equipment etc…
The brands Marathon® and Sandpiper® are both part of the pumps range of the Warren Rupp group.

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