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Wangen Pumps
For all Type of Industries

Wangen Twin Screw Hygienic

Virtually no pulsation
Self-priming and bi-directional
High operational reliability
Compact design without dead zone
Modular for greater flexibility

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Wangen Express Pumps

Simplified maintenance
Up to 102 m3/hour
Pressure up to 6 bar

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Wangen KL-S Pumps

Extremely reliable
Very low operational costs
Up to 560 m3/hour
Pressure up to 48 bar

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Wangen KB10S & KB22S

Polymers dosing for water treatment process
Up to 4000 L/hour
Pressure up to 16 bar

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Wangen KB-S GG Pumps

Dosage for industrial applications
Up to 5 m3/hour
Pressure up to 16 bar

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Wangen Bio-Feed

Mixing system for liquids and dry materials
Ideal for biogas applications
X-LIFT quick change system
Large-scale mixing chamber

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