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Pumps for Biomethanation Process in the Biogas Industry

Progressive Cavity Pumps
Wangen Pumps

Through its high propensity for adaptation, the Progressive Cavity Pumps, also called eccentric screw pump (rotor / stator) can resolve the problems posed by the transfer of abrasive, aggressive, toxic and viscous products that are found in the processing of materials used in biomethanation. PCP pumps (Progressive Cavity Pumps) are easy to maintain. This is a considerable advantage in the treatment of organic matter from animal farming, slurry, more or less liquid industrial waste, etc.
The limited number of retrofit parts (rotor- stator – spindle shaft – connecting rods, etc.) make maintenance operations quick and easy, which is specifically suited to most internal maintenance departments.In biomethanation, pumps are used for:

  • the treatment of bio-subtrates
  • storage,
  • fermenters,
  • transporting fluids to fermenters

SPS is the official distributor of Wangen pumps. Value for money by far the best in the market, Wangen offers unique reliability to biogas producers.

Moreover SPS offers a wide range of spare parts for progressing cavity pumps such as stators, rotors, seals and coupling parts for all major brands.

Progressive Cavity Pumps also called PCP or Eccentric Screw Pumps for Biomethanation — Wangen ®, Seepex ®, Netzsch ®, and many more brands.

Peristaltic Pumps
for biomethanation or biogas industry

Peristaltic LSM pumps respond very effectively to biomass media transfer even with very high solid concentration as to found in biogas industry.
Biomethanation plant manager are familiar with the problems caused by residual straw, ropes, stones, and other incongruous objects.
Exactly what for LSM pumps provide a remarkably effective solution.
The principle of the peristaltic pump by which the materials are pushed through a hose providing a wide free passage is ideal for situation where your have high solid content like all sorts of small solid blocks or small stone, ropes, straws or long fibers – which often cause problems to other pumps types.

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The High Flow Rate LSM peristaltic pumps are ideally suited for highly loaded fluid as in Biogas Industry.

Grundfos Pumps

The Grundfos pumps range has many applications in bio-methanisation sites – water circulators, wastewater collection, transfer, and more.

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Grundfos pumps are used in the biogas industry for both water transfer and circulating pumps, as well as for lifting of loaded water.