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Wangen Pumps
First in Class Progressive Cavity Pumps
Twin Screw Pumps

Hygienic Pumps
Hygienic Pumps

Twin screw pumps
Eccentric screw pumps

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Industrial Pumps
Industrial Pumps

Twin screw pumps
Eccentric screw pumps

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Wangen X-UNIT
Wangen X-UNIT

The very best solution
for loaded fluids

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Wangen Twin Screw Pumps
Wangen Twin Screw Pumps

Ideal for hygienic applications
Very gentle fluid transfer
Excellent in foodstuff

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The Most Reliable
And the Lowest Cost of Ownership

Wangen Pumps provides standard progressive cavity pumps as well as special solutions
for the handling of difficult, viscous and abrasive media for virtually all industrial sectors
in almost all technical ranges of applications.

  • ✔︎ Exceptionally robust construction
  • ✔︎ Easy to maintain
  • ✔︎ Equipped with cardan drive giving them exceptional reliability
  • ✔︎ Modular design, offering many options for the most complex applications
  • ✔︎ Lowest operating costs thanks to their reliability and the very reasonable price for spare parts
  • ✔︎ Complete range of progressive cavity pumps
  • ✔︎ Complete range of Twin Screw pumps
  • ✔︎ For industrial, food, pharmaceutical applications
  • ✔︎

The Lowest Operating Costs

The best value in the market makes Wangen pumps the most economical choice for industrial applications.
When purchasing a pump, we always recommend that you consider
the operating costs and weigh them against the initial investment.
Maintenance costs, production downtime and energy account
for most of the total costs over the life cycle of a pump.

Our philosophy offers a decisive advantage here:
keep the lowest total life cycle costs possible.
Our approach is to keep the frequency of maintenance to a minimum
by judiciously choosing the model and its nominal speed,
a mistake often made to limit initial investments.

We achieve this goal by the robustness of the Wangen pumps,
but also by the correct choice of the needed model, and most importantly,
limit the frequency of maintenance and repairs to a minimum.

We also offer a spare part price strategy that is very competitive.
Each failure that is avoided on a production line saves not only
the cost of spare parts, but also maintenance costs and production downtime.
Save by guarantying your peace of mind.

Wangen Pumps Cardan Joint

All Wangen pumps are equipped with a cardan drive, which operates much more efficiently, without the abnormal wear that is found more often on competitive offset screw pumps.
Wangen pumps are all equipped with cardan joint transmission.
Compared to all competitors who use conventional transmissions with kneecaps and pins,
the benefit is simply considerable.

The bearings are practically indestructible,
whereas the traditional transmission joint is a wear part well known of the services of maintenance.

In addition, the cardan transfers a much higher power with much less loss.
All of these features lead to much less risk of breakage.

Easy and Fast Maintenance

In order to guarantee the highest availability of equipment,
most of our customers prefer to maintain their pumps within their services.

Among their many strengths, the ease of inspection of the state of the components
is certainly a very big advantage.

The pumps are studied in order to reduce the intervention time to a minimum.
Whether it’s replacing a stator, a rotor, a mechanical seal,
the design of the pump makes it so much easier to maintain.

Know-How is the Key to Reliability

Especially in the field of special applications and under heavy-duty conditions
Pumpenfabrik Wangen has proven to be a competent partner for plant builders
and customers from the industry.
Wangen Pumpen and SPS collaborate to offer the most adequate Progressive Cavity Pump solution
to meet customer’s needs technically as well as in terms of Total Cost of Ownership
by taking into account all parameters including maintenance and spare parts costs.
You have a project with progressive cavity pumps. Call us, we will be happy
to meet with you to help build your project.

A Few Applications


  • Food Processing
  • Breweries
  • Chemicals
  • Bio-methanation
  • Water treatment
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Cement industry
  • Sugar industry