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Sanitary & Chemical Applications

QTS Twin Screw Pump

Sanitary screw pump
Fully stainless steel
High solid content fluid
For delicate products

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LC Pump Serie

The Q-Pumps L serie
LC, LD and LF
For dairy & beverage industry

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QC C Serie Pumps

Centrifugal C serie
Stainless steel
For sanitary applications
Beverages, ...

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QCB+ C Serie Pumps

Dedicated to breweries
Soft drinks
Unique seal design
Stainless steel

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Q-Pumps ZL

Lobe pumps
Highly adaptable to many applications
For higher viscosity

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Q-Pumps ZP3

Positive displacement pumps
Wide range of applications
Chemical and food
Fluid viscosity up to 1.000.000 cP

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Choose the Right Q-Pumps Model
For Your Application whether Sanitary, Beverages, Chemicals, …

Q-Pumps offers hundreds of models for the food, beverages, pharmaceuticals,
cosmetics or chemical

To meet the needs of each application, Q-Pumps developed many possible configurations,
and offer many certifications required for hygienic or chemical applications.
It is thanks to our experience in pump technology that we help
our customers find the exact model that corresponds to the specific needs of each of its applications.

The best pumping solution for your sanitary processes
Manufacturing of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps