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Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
A Model for Each Application

Quantum DDQ

Revolutionary diaphragm pump
Replacement of valves and membranes while in line
Adjustable flow
Air saving
½", 1" and 1"½

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Connections: ½" to 2"
ATEX (Zone 2)
For abrasive & corrosive fluids
Up to 715 L/min

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Stainless steel 316 Electropolis 125 Ra
Superior quality Teflon membrane, gas impermeable
Improved air consumption
Quieter integrated exhaust less sensitive to frost
Versions from ½" up to 2"

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Various versions
Electro-polished stainless steel
Polypropylene (PP)
Versions from ½ up to 2"

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Mistral DDM

Connections: 2 ", 3" & 4 "
AISI 316L, Duplex, Bronze or UHMW-PE
ATEX zone 2
Up to 1280 L/hour

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Connections: 3 "& 4"
FPR fiberglass construction
High chemical resistance
and mechanical
Up to 1280 L/hour

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Argal Pumps

Synthetic centrifugal pumps
Corrosive fluids

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All Argal types of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

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Why Choose For a Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pumps offer many advantages over other types of industrial pumps.
See rather!


The pump design allows high suction lift even at dry start and with heavier fluids.


If external materialare compatible,then the pump can run submerged in the liquid by simply running the exhaust line above the liquid level.

Variable flow rate and discharge pressure

ARGALAIR offers the ability too vary flow and discharge pressure up to 120psi with a simple adjustment of the air supply.

Shear Sensitive

The gentle pneumatic movement makes the ARGALAIR an excellent choice for shear sensitive fluids.


Because the discharge pressure can never exceed air inlet pressure, the discharge line can be closed with no damage or wear. The pump will simply slow down and stop.

Handles a wide variety of fluids withhigh solids content

No close fitting or rotating parts so liquids with high solids content can be easily pumped, actually any liquids with max of90% solids.

Portable and simple installation

ARGALAIR pump can be easily transported to the application site. Simply connect your air supply line and liquid lines and the pumpis ready to perform. There is no complex control for installing and operating.


ARGALAIR pumpis operated by compressed air and are intrinsically safe.

Able to run dry

Membrane pumps are relatively insensitive to dry running, which will not be a problem, for example during filling.

Diagram of Typical Installations of a Diaphragm Pumps