Innovation and Reliability — The Experience of a Wallpaper Manufacturer
When a renowned wallpaper manufacturer sought to modernize its production line, it turned to SPS Pumps for a solution that matched its high standards. In a competitive market dominated by big names, choosing a pump tailored to their specific needs was no easy task. With its rich experience, SPS Pumps chose the ArgalAir ASTRAevo pump for its robustness and reliability.

The Challenge — A Rigorous 6-Month Test
The manufacturer challenged all major pump suppliers to a six-month trial to assess performance and reliability. The criterion? A pump capable of withstanding intense wear without requiring costly maintenance.

Argal Pumps — Unparalleled Performance
SPS Pumps rose to the challenge with flying colors. The pump selected for this trial, the Argal ASTRAevo, demonstrated exceptional robustness and reliability thanks to its innovative six-vent air pulsation system. It was the only one that did not fail or require any parts replacement during the entire test period.

The Result — An Impressive Order of 65 Pumps
This performance led to an impressive order of 65 Argal Pumps, marking not only a success for our brand but also the fulfillment of a quest for quality and durability for our client.

SPS Pumps — A Trusted Solution
This experience is a testament to our commitment to innovation and reliability. Argal Pumps is not just another brand. We offer solutions that stand out in a competitive market, ensuring flawless performance and increased profitability for our clients.

Conclusion — A Winning Partnership
At SPS, we are proud to support companies in their pursuit of operational excellence. This latest successful collaboration confirms the position of SPS Pumps as a preferred partner in the diaphragm pump industry.

Thank you to our new client for their trust and welcome to the world of innovation and reliability of Argal Pumps.

SPS Pumps distributes the complete range of Argal and ArgalAir pumps, as well as a full range of spare parts such as balls, diaphragms, seals, ... for all major diaphragm pump brands, Aro ®, Sandpiper ®, VersaMatic ®, Wilden ®, Yamada ®, and others.

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