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SPS Pumps Distributes Landia Pumps

Pumps for Agricultural and Industrial Fluids Landia Pumps are ideal for pumping high viscosity liquids.They are particularly suitable for pumping sludge and grease, as well as food waste, pulp, etc.They have an operating range of up to 6 bar, and in some cases are a simpler and less expensive solution than positive displacement pumps. In … Continue reading "SPS Pumps Distributes Landia Pumps"

SPS Pumps Distributes Travaini Pumps

SPS Pumps is pleased to have Pumpetravaini as a supplier.A manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps and centrifugal pumps for critical applications. Together with Travaini, our main objective of SPS Pumps is to offer our customers the perfect pump for every application.But also to be able to offer a fast service. Vacuum pumps, like centrifugal … Continue reading "SPS Pumps Distributes Travaini Pumps"

LSM Peristaltic Pumps for Food Products

Increased productivity with peristaltic pumps for food products Simplified reliability and maintenance By their very nature, peristaltic pumps for food products transfer fluids gently, without centrifugation or mixing effects – making them particularly suitable for delicate food products, such as fruit, gels, etc. They are also very easy to clean, as there are no moving … Continue reading "LSM Peristaltic Pumps for Food Products"

Wangen Pumps in Water Treatment Applications

To ensure the quality of Bru’s water, SPS Pumps intervened to thoroughly clean the Wangen pumps, which were covered with iron powder (rust) due to the iron-rich water of our beautiful Belgian Ardennes. Maintenance of pumps in general, and progressive cavity pumps in particular, is important to ensure long-term trouble-free operation. SPS Pumps distributes Wangen … Continue reading "Wangen Pumps in Water Treatment Applications"

Wangen Eccentric Screw Pumps
Applications for Biogas

Wangen Pumps The progressive cavity pump, with its many adaptations and variations, solves the problems of transferring abrasive, aggressive, toxic, viscous and high solids products, such as those found in the processing of materials for bio-methanisation. PCP pumps (Progressive Cavity Pumps), also known as eccentric screw pumps due to the shape of their rotor, are … Continue reading "Wangen Eccentric Screw Pumps
Applications for Biogas"

Peristaltic Pumps in Bio-Methanisation
Case of GAEC “La Lougnolle” in Prahecq

To supply the digesters with highly charged fluid, La Lougnolle used, as is customary, an eccentric screw pump of a well-known brand. Although they offer great advantages, starting with their purchase cost, they have the disadvantage of rapidly wearing out their stator, and even their rotor, when the fluid being pumped is loaded with straw, … Continue reading "Peristaltic Pumps in Bio-Methanisation
Case of GAEC “La Lougnolle” in Prahecq"