Author: Dominique Jeangille

Database of Eccentric Screw Pumps
Parts, Features and Curves

The large number of makes and models of progressive cavity pumps, and sometimes their agemakes the choice of spare parts very complicated. SPS Pumps has developed a comprehensive database that makes it very easy to find wear parts, which are almost always available in stock. When replacing a progressive cavity pump, it is important to […]

SPS Pumps in the Mines of Burkina Faso

SPS Pumps works intensively with the mining industry in Burkina Faso.A new delivery of 4 Grundfos S2 pumps has just left our Belgian workshops for Burkina.They will guarantee an efficient drainage of the mine shafts. The model selected is a Grundfos S2 pump with a 155 kW motor.At a nominal water head of 54 m, […]