Author: Louis Raoul t'Serstevens

SPS Pumps Introduces Korthaus Metal Lobe Pumps

Transform challenges into opportunities with Korthaus metallic lobe pumps, significantly outlasting the lifespan of rubber lobe pumps, such as Vogelsang ®, Börger ®, and Netzsch ®. Here’s why choosing Korthaus is synonymous with success: Key Benefits Ideal Applications Choose Korthaus metallic lobe pumps for performance, durability, and efficiency that redefine market standards. Click on this […]

A Revolution in the World of Diaphragm Pumps

Innovation and Reliability — The Experience of a Wallpaper Manufacturer When a renowned wallpaper manufacturer sought to modernize its production line, it turned to SPS Pumps for a solution that matched its high standards. In a competitive market dominated by big names, choosing a pump tailored to their specific needs was no easy task. With […]

SPS Distributes Roto Pumps
Highly Efficient Solutions for Biogas Applications

Roto Pumps – Progressive Cavity Pumps6 to 48 Bar – Flow rates up to 500 m3 Roto Pumps progressive cavity pumps are designed to pump “difficult to handle” fluids such as those found in biogas. The construction of the pumps is based on a modular concept. It includes new generation pumping elements, namely rotor, stator, […]

Expo Biogas Metz, September, 1 & 2, 2021

SPS Pumps presents digestate pumping solutions at Expo-Biogas in Metz on 1 and 2 September 2021.Come and meet us at stand D31. On 1 & 2 September, SPS Pompes will be at the Expo-Biogas trade fair in Metz, presenting its range of pumps and solutions for applications in biogas plants.As every entrepreneur in the sector […]

LSM Pumps in Biogas Industry
Case Rønnovsholm in Denmark

A Few Words about Rønnovsholm Biogas The Rønnovsholm biogas plant in northern Denmark has been in operation since 2014.The main source of biomass consists of corn, grass, straw and pig manure. Daily, another 30 tonnes of dry content and 60 m3 of manure are added.The installation has 4 digesters and is operated with a single […]

Never Again in Food Waste and
Knee-High Digestate
Case Biogaz Rube in Korbach (DE)

“The peristaltic pump was one of my best purchases in recent years“, says Carsten Rube. The biogas plant operator, farmer and agricultural entrepreneur knows exactly what he is talking about. He has had to invest heavily in equipment and technology since he started producing biogas. Before installing the LSM peristaltic pump on the farm in […]