The large number of makes and models of progressive cavity pumps, and sometimes their age
makes the choice of spare parts very complicated.

SPS Pumps has developed a comprehensive database that makes it very easy to find wear parts, which are almost always available in stock.

When replacing a progressive cavity pump, it is important to understand the application and performance of the pump to be replaced in order to select the ideal model.

The new SPS Pumps database allows for feature comparisons between the pump to be replaced and possible replacement pump options.
It also includes the intrinsic parameters of the customer's application.

The choice is optimised and the pump chosen with full knowledge of all parameters and taking into consideration the customer's history.

Virtually every model of every brand of progressive cavity pump is included in the database.

Here you will find the spare parts you are looking for, e.g. Allweiler®, Bornemann®, Seepex®, Netzsch®, Mono Pumps®, Wangen Pumps® and many others.

We have been using SPS stators for our Seepex pumps for many years.
Working with SPS is quick and easy.
Their products are top notch and the service is always there.
In addition, I have reduced my costs by 35%.

J.-L. D.

Choosing the Right Pump
Ensures Consistent Operation at Minimum Cost

With its Centre of Excellence, SPS Pumps is highly specialised in the analysis of complex processes and offers
solutions tailored to the specific needs of each application.

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