Pumps for Agricultural and Industrial Fluids

Landia Pumps are ideal for pumping high viscosity liquids.
They are particularly suitable for pumping sludge and grease, as well as food waste, pulp, etc.
They have an operating range of up to 6 bar, and in some cases are a simpler and less expensive solution than positive displacement pumps.

In the presence of abrasive particles, such as sand, Landia has even developed a number of special materials that considerably extend the life of the pumps. This translates into lower operating costs in the long term.

Most of the range can be supplied in stainless steel, which is suitable for pumping aggressive liquids with low or high pH.
The areas of application are countless:

  • Biogas plants
  • Food industry
  • Energy recovery from waste
  • Wastewater
  • Etc.

Landia also offers a wide range of high-performance grinder pumps - the right choice for biogas plants.
Pumps are among the most important mechanical components of a modern biogas plant.
Whether pumping slurry, collecting surface water, pumping between different tanks, recycling through a heat exchanger or finally delivering the digested biomass, pumps play a key role.

Landia grinder pumps can be used anywhere in the biogas plant.
They are simple, robust and easy to maintain.
There are no fine tolerances that require adjustment after impeller change.
They are also much less sensitive to dry matter and sand, and operating and maintenance costs are reduced.

The SPS Pumps team is very pleased to distribute Landia pumps.

Choosing the Right Pump
Ensures Consistent Operation at Minimum Cost

With its Centre of Excellence in Industrial Pumps, SPS Pumps is highly specialised in the analysis of complex processes and offers solutions perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each application.

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