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Tell us a little more about your application for a lobe pump

You wish to purchase a metallic lobe pump

You’re choosing reliability and savings!

You don’t yet know which KORTHAUS pump
for your application and would like the help of a specialist

To assist you as quickly and effectively as possible, we need information about your application.

There are many parameters to consider.
We will be pleased to contact you to refine
the selection and offer you the KORTHAUS pump that suits your needs.

In your email, please indicate:

  • ✔︎ a brief description of your application
  • ✔︎ the fluid being pumped and its solid content and viscosity
  • ✔︎ the flow rate
  • ✔︎ the pressure or desired head at the pump outlet
  • ✔︎ whether the pump needs to be self-priming
  • ✔︎ if it is an installation that must meet hygienic or ATEX criteria
  • ✔︎ the temperature of the pumped liquid
  • ✔︎ the voltage of the network to which the pump will be connected (e.g., 3x400V – 50 Hz).
  • ✔︎ any other important information regarding your process or installation

We will be happy to send you our best offer as soon as possible, and if you wish, we will gladly visit your site to better assess all aspects of the installation.