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Peristaltic Pumps
LSM Heavy Duty

LSM Pumps Benefits

  • Extremely low power consumption -> Reduces your power bill.
  • Long life wear parts -> Low operating costs.
  • Fluid totally separated from pump mechanism -> No possible fluid contamination.
  • Less dry run sensitive -> Ideal when Dry Run risks exists.
  • Self priming -> Easy self-starting.
  • Very simple to clean -> Safe, quick and simple cleaning process.

Heavy Duty Peristaltic Pumps for Industrial Applications

Peristaltic LSM Pumps are designed for the industry, where the conditions of use of traditional and progressive cavity pumps reach their limits.

The LSM pumps flow rate ranges from 0 to 170 l per hour for the smaller models up to 230 m3 per hour or even 300 m3 per hour for larger models at rated speed. Higher flow rates are available on request.
The hose diameter varies from 10 to 200 mm in diameter depending on the LSM Pump model.

LSM Peristaltic Pumps design and construction make them particularly well suited for applications where the fluids are abrasive, corrosive, aggressive, viscous, with high solids concentration – in other words, where the other pumps reach their limits.

Very Economical to Run, Indeed!

Their hose is also very resistant. It easily offers an extended lifetime that spans up to twice as long as the typical lifetime of a eccentric screw pump stator.
Maintenance is also greatly facilitated by the hose accessibility and speed at which it can be replaced.
An efficiency that makes LSM pumps particularly competitive.

Peristaltic LSM Pumps are not only the largest ever built peristaltic pumps but thanks to their technology, uses half the energy as its traditional counterpart.

A few typical applications