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Q-Pumps for Sanitary and Chemical Applications

  • Q-Pumps LC/LD and LF series are centrifugal, fully CIP-able, EHEDG Certified, to meet the needs of each application in food and beverage industries.
  • Q-Pumps QC centrifugal Pumps, 3A certified, simple to maintain, the QC Serie pumps are capable of flow rates as high as 60 m3/hr. Originally designed for use in dairies, the QC Series is experiencing extraordinary growth in several new industry applications ...
  • Q-Pumps ZL Rotary Piston Pump fully CIP-able, EHEDG Certified, to meet the needs of each application in food, as chocolate, ketchup, sugars, beverages and more ...
  • Q-Pumps ZP3 Positive displacement pumps for food applications, inks, pastes, etc. - Fully CIP-able, EHEDG and ATEX Certified. Compatible with Waukesha Universal ® U1 and U2 pumps - to meet the needs of each application in food and beverages, chemicals, ATEX atmosphere...

Choose the Right Q-Pumps Model
For Your Application whether Sanitary, Beverages, Chemical, …

Q-Pumps offers hundreds of models for the food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or chemical industries.
To meet the needs of each application, Q-Pumps developed many possible configurations, and offer many certifications required for hygienic or chemical applications.
It is thanks to our experience in pump technology that we help our customers find the exact model that corresponds to the specific needs of each of its applications.

The best pumping solution for your sanitary processes
Manufacturing of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps


QTS made by Q-Pumps are double-screw pumps specifically designed for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
It is particularly suitable for the transfer of fluids with high contents of more or less solid materials which are delicate or require a very low shear processing.

Learn more about Twin Screw QTS Q-Pumps.

Q-Pumps QTS Twin Screw pumps for all sorts of sanitary applications and particularly for very delicate fluids.


Q-Pumps QC centrifugal pumps are an upgraded version of the popular C Series pumps.
Especially well suited to sanitary applications, their price is very competitive.

Learn more about Q-Pumps QC.

Q-Pumps QC - Equivalent to all C Series pumps. Better priced.


QCB+ pumps made by Q-Pumps, are equivalent in hydraulics and size, but are a substantial improvement over the C-series pumps because of their unique design. They are particularly well suited to breweries.

Learn more about Q-Pumps QCB+.

Q-Pumps QCB + pumps are particularly well suited to soft drinks, soda and beer.


Built with a strong casing, resistant to flashing and cavitation.
The Q-Pumps LC, LD and LF Series are highly efficient due to their advantages in the handling of product lines, reception and loading, pumping to landfills, separators, homogenizers, heat exchangers, evaporators and a wide variety of equipment.

Learn more about Q-Pumps LC, LD and LF serie.

The Q-Pumps L serie — LC, LD and LF —  are generally used in the dairy and beverage industry.


Q-Pumps Lobe pumps for great performance.
The ZL Series feature positive displacement and due to their great versatility, can be adjusted to different applications. Certifications: 3A and EHEDG

Learn more about the Q-Pumps ZL.

Q-Pumps ZL - lobe pumps -  are highly adaptable to many applications.


Say goodbye to expensive spare parts.
The ZP3 Series is characterized by being Universally interchangeable with other brands in the market, even improving the spare parts quality. Certificates: 3A, EHEDG

Learn about Q-Pumps ZP3 Positive Displacement Pumps.

Q-Pumps ZP3 positive displacement pumps have a wide range of applications in the chemical and food industry with fluid viscosity up to 1.000.000 cP.