Wangen Pumps

The progressive cavity pump, with its many adaptations and variations, solves the problems of transferring abrasive, aggressive, toxic, viscous and high solids products, such as those found in the processing of materials for bio-methanisation.

PCP pumps (Progressive Cavity Pumps), also known as eccentric screw pumps due to the shape of their rotor, are easy to maintain. A considerable advantage in the treatment of materials from livestock farming, agricultural slurry, industrial waste of varying liquidity….

The limited number of spare parts (rotor - stator - spindle shaft - coupling shaft…) makes service and maintenance operations simple and quick, especially within the reach of most internal maintenance departments. In biogas, pumps are present in :

  • processing of bio-substrates
  • storage
  • fermenters and digesters
  • feeding the mixers

However, when making the initial investment, many progressive cavity pumps in biogas applications have been calculated at the lowest price, which often results in the selection of undersized pumps, resulting in too high a rotor speed.

As is well known, the eccentric screw pump is characterised by the fact that the rotor is in permanent contact with the stator. The high speed results in premature wear of the stator and rotor, but also of the drive shafts.

SPS Pumps is an official distributor of Wangen pumps.
With by far the best price/quality ratio on the market, Wangen offers unique reliability to biogas producers.

SPS Pumps offers a wide range of spare parts for progressive cavity pumps such as stators, rotors, mechanical seals and coupling parts for all major brands.

Wangen Pumps KL-S for biogas media

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