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The Rotor of an Eccentric Screw Pump

Choose the rotor material according to your pump application

The rotor of an eccentric screw pump

The rotor is made of metal, whose quality is selected in accordance
with the application – steel, various grades of stainless steel,
which may be chrome plated.

The rotor is also a retrofit part.

It wears out somewhat slower than the stator, but in certain cases,
it is by far more preferable to change both the rotor and the stator at the same time,
in order to guarantee optimal performance and avoid premature wear on the stator.
This is potentially caused by a defective seal between the rotor and the stator, which risks leaking hard particles found in the fluid that result in greater wear on the stator.

For fluids that do not contain solid particles, this is less of a problem and a rotor can easily outlive 3 or 4 stators.

SPS supplies rotors suitable for all cases,
in steel and various grades of stainless steel,
which can be chrome plated, ceramic coated, etc.