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Progressive Cavity Pumps Spare Parts

  • Spare parts for all brands of progressive cavity pumps (PCP) also called eccentric screw pumps.

Retrofit parts for all brands of Eccentric Screw Pumps

SPS supplies (both original and generic) spare parts for most brands of Progressive Cavity Pumps also called eccentric screw pumps.

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You’ll find the Interactive Exploded View of the most currently used Progressive Cavity Pumps to help you find spare parts position and denomination accurately.

Mono Pumps®
Lotzer & Mühlenbruch®
Robins & Myers®
Roto Pumps®


The Stator

The stator is the most frequently replaced part. It wears naturally owing to the constant friction caused by the rotation of the spindle. Its replacement frequency depends on the type of fluid being pumped.

Even Wall Stator for Progressive Cavity Pumps.
Its twisted form allows it to support higher operating pressure.

The Rotor

The spindle/helical rotor is made of metal, whose quality is selected in accordance with the application – steel and various grades of stainless steel, which may be chrome plated. 
The rotor is also a retrofit part.

The Progressive Cavity Pumps rotor is made of various steel quality depending on the application.

Connection and Seal

The rotor is connected to the motor by a connecting rod, which in turn is connected to an axle. All of these mechanical components are found in the pump’s suction housing.
The mechanical connection parts are also retrofit parts and have to be replaced at regular intervals.

The coupling parts are critical in the smooth run of a PCP pump. Wearing will create abnormal vibration and faster wearing again.