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Wangen Pumps
First in Class Progressive Cavity Pumps

Wangen Pumps — The most reliable — The lowest cost of ownership

Wangen Pumps provides standard progressive cavity pumps as well as special solutions for the handling of difficult, viscous and abrasive media for virtually all industrial sectors in almost all technical ranges of application such as

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Industrial sewage treatment plants
  • Municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Cement
  • Sugar industry
  • And many more applications.

Especially in the field of special applications and under heavy-duty conditions Pumpenfabrik Wangen has proven to be a competent partner for plant builders and customers from the industry.

Wangen Pumpen and SPS collaborate to offer the most adequate Progressive Cavity Pump solution to meet customer’s needs technically as well as in terms of Total Cost of Ownership by taking into account all parameters including maintenance and spare parts costs.

You have a project with progressive cavity pumps. Call us, we will be happy to meet with you to help build your project.

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Wangen HYLINE Hygienic Pumps

The hygienic design of the WANGEN HYLINE pump has been implemented according to the strict GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice).
Thanks to this, it has become the star of hygienic offset screw pumps: With a unique design, it prevents sedimentation while offering a astonishingly easy maintenance.

More about the Wangen HYLINE Hygienic pumps

The Wangen HYLINE pumps for the food industry are of a very unique design that makes them even easier to use.

Wangen KB-SL Hygienic Pumps

Wangen progressive cavity pumps of the KB-SL series for sanitary applications in the food industry are ideal for a wide range of uses.
From dosing to gentle transfer of food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical fluids, it has excellent suction capacity and is EHEDG certified.

More about the Wangen KB-SL Hygienic pumps

Wangen KB-SL pumps for the food industry in the dosing and smooth transfer of food fluids.

Wangen KL-SL Hygienic Pumps

The Wangen progressive cavity pumps of the KL-SL Hygienic series stand out for their performance:
Excellent pressure resistance, wide range of viscosities, very precise dosing – even at low operating speeds, Wangen KL-SL pumps are extremely reliable and have a very low operating cost. EHEDG certified.

More about the Wangen KL-SL Hygienic pumps

Wangen KL-SL pumps for the food industry in the dosing and smooth transfer of food fluids.

Wangen KL-RL Hygienic Pumps

Wangen KL-RL Hygienic pumps are ideal for a wide range of food products that require special attention when pumping, such as apples, sausage meat, creams, etc.
They are characterized by a virtually constant flow. Available in various options to suit each case.

More about the Wangen KL-RL Hygienic pumps

Wangen KL-RL pumps for the food industry in the smooth transfer of special food fluids.

Wangen KL-RF Hygienic Pumps

Wangen KL-RF Hygienic pumps are designed for loading and transferring materials such as butter, ice cream, margarine, etc.
They are very robust and meet the requirements of the CIP (Clean in Place).

More about the Wangen KL-RF Hygienic pumps

Wangen pumps for the food industry in the loading and smooth transfer of food fluids such as butter.

Wangen XPRESS Pumps

The Wangen Xpress pump range has been specially developed for easy maintenance and to considerably shorten the servicing time and thus reduce costs. Reliable pumping of media, along with fast rotor/stator changes are ensured by the X-LIFT quick change system developed by WANGEN PUMPEN. Flow up to 56 m³/h.

More about Wangen XPRESS Pumps.

Wangen XPRESS pumps - easy to use, highly reliable and easy to maintain thanks to the Wangen X-Lift system.

Wangen KL-S Pumps

Wangen KL-S Series pumps offer excellent value for money and lowest operating costs in its category.
They are extremely reliable and offer good performance even in operation at higher pressure.
Wangen KL-S pumps achieve flow rates up to 560 m³/h and pressures up to 48 bar.

More about Wangen KL-S Pumps.

Wangen KL-S pumps offer flow rates up to 560 m³/h.

Wangen KB10S & KB22S Pumps

The Wangen KB10S and KB22S pumps have been specially developed for transfer and dosing in wastewater treatment processes in wastewater treatment plants. The KB10S version has a plastic pump body, the KB22S version has a cast iron housing. Flow rate from 0.5 to 4000 Liters / hour and pressure up to 16 bar.

More about Wangen Polymer Pumps KB10S & KB22S.

Wangen KB10S & KB22S pumps are the ideal pumps for introducing polymers into the wastewater treatment process.

Wangen KB-S GG Pumps

Ideal for applications requiring flow rates up to 5 m³/h, Wangen Series KB-S GG pumps can be found in many applications such as metering, polymer transfer, and many other industrial fluids. They can reach a maximum pressure of 16 bar.

More about Wangen KB-S GG Pumps.

Wangen KB-S GG pumps achieve a maximum pressure of 16 bar for a maximum flow of 5 m³/h.

Wangen Bio-Feed Pumps

The Wangen BIO-FEED pump is specially designed to allow the continuous introduction of solids into a liquid.
Especially useful in the biogas industry or in wastewater treatment plants.

More about Wangen Bio-Feed Pumps.

Wangen BIO-FEED Pumps