A Few Words about Rønnovsholm Biogas

The Rønnovsholm biogas plant in northern Denmark has been in operation since 2014.
The main source of biomass consists of corn, grass, straw and pig manure. Daily, another 30 tonnes of dry content and 60 m3 of manure are added.
The installation has 4 digesters and is operated with a single LSM 100 peristaltic pump.

Highlights of the LSM Solution

LSM has simplified the pumping solution: all four digesters are supplied by a single LSM 100, 4" peristaltic pump.
In addition, the pump can circulate the biomass between the four digesters independently thanks to the manifold and valve bank installed with the pump.
The whole unit is assembled in a container supplied by LSM as a complete unit, ready to be connected upon arrival.

Easy access to the pump hose.

The Process

The dry material is mixed in two mixers before being chopped and added to the manure in the mixer tank just below the chopper.
An LSM pump is integrated in the green container just above the raw material. The LSM 100 pump is equipped with a vacuum pump to provide maximum suction.
On the side of the container, a door provides easy access to the pump and manifold.

The manifold and pneumatic valves are connected directly to the pump and the hose connection is made at the back of the container.
The whole system is controlled from the control room.
It can also be monitored directly from a smartphone app.

Benefits of the LSM Pump in Biogas Applications

The LSM pump meets minimal installation requirements and has a corrosion-resistant coating, making it ideal for outdoor installation.

  • Self-priming - high suction capacity
  • Can handle up to 80% solids
  • Tight construction, no leakage possible
  • Large solid objects can pass through, the free passage being determined by the diameter of the pipe
  • Suitable for high viscosity and dry matter content
  • Reversible
  • Easy to install or adapt to other applications
  • Numerous options are available, such as temperature and pressure sensors, leak detection, frequency inverters to suit any PLC, dampers, etc.

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