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Tell us a little more on your application
for a Q-pumps

You choose reliability in food and chemical solutions

You do not know which Q-pump model is suitable
for your application and would like help from a specialist

To help you quickly, we need some important data about your application.

There are many other parameters to consider.
We will be happy to contact you to refine the selection and offer you the Q-pump that meets your needs.

Please give the following information in your email:

  • ✔︎ a short description of the application
  • ✔︎ let us know more about the type of fluid en more about solid particles content and viscosity
  • ✔︎ the flow rate expected
  • ✔︎ the maximum pressure needed
  • ✔︎ is self-priming required
  • ✔︎ if it is an installation that must meet hygienic or ATEX criteria
  • ✔︎ the fluid temperature range
  • ✔︎ the grid voltage on which the pump is to be connected (ie 3x400V – 50 Hz)
  • ✔︎ all other important pieces of information concerning the process or installation

If you wish, we would be happy to come on site to better evaluate all aspects of the new installation, and we will gladly send you our best offer swiftly.