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Tell us a little more on your Progressive Cavity Pumps
and the spare parts you need

Eccentric screw pump, also called positive displacement pump or progressive cavity pump

You want to buy spare parts
for your Progressive Cavity Pump at the best price!

To be able to help you, we need some data about your pump and its application.

In your email, please tell us:

  • ✔︎ Brand and exact model
  • ✔︎ Material for
    Stator : NR, NBR, EPDM, Viton ®, CSM, Hypalon ®, …
    Identify the polymer used in a Seepex stator ® or in a Netzsch stator ®.

    Rotor : Tool Steel, Inox 1.4571,… whether it is chromed or not

  • ✔︎ Even better if you can send us a picture of the nameplate.
  • ✔︎ Let us know which spare parts you are looking for.
    Use the interactive exploded views to clearly identify the position of the desired parts.
    You find them in the pages dedicated to each brand.
  • ✔︎ Which fluid and its operating temperature.
  • ✔︎ You want genuine parts! Thank you to provide us with the pump serial number.
  • ✔︎ For a new eccentric screw pump, contact us, we will help you define your needs.

Visit our Brand dedicated pages by clicking one of the links below
to know more about eccentric screw pumps and discover our
Interactive Exploded Views and other useful information.