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Grundfos EF — Effluent Pumps for Private Dwellings

Grundfos EF — Grundfos EF AutoAdapt

Grundfos EF pumps are designed for pumping wastewater (excluding toilet waste) from private dwellings. They are also suitable for pumping liquid manure from farms, and for a variety of industrial applications, effluent and other liquids such as drainage and surface water with small impurities and solids handling up to 30 mm size, with a rigid or flexible discharge pipe mounted on the discharge port.
The EF pumps are designed for free-standing, hook-up or auto-coupling installation. The pumps are fitted with an integrated three-legged stand.
The Grundfos EF pumps are fitted with an open single-vane impeller with excellent solids-handling capabilities.
Impeller clearance can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the adjustment screws at the bottom of the suction cover. Adjustment can be carried out without dismantling the pump.
The adaptive intelligence built into the AUTOADAPT versions minimises risk factors and reduces costs for installation, commissioning and maintenance


  • Effluent
  • Drainage
  • Wastewater without toilet discharge.


  • For use free-standing or for installation on an auto-coupling system with an integrated three-leg stand that keeps the suction inlet clear of the pit bottom
  • Patented SmartTrim system for extremely easy impeller adjustment without dismantling the pump, to maintain peak performance; no spe- cial tools are required
  • Plug and pump – all necessary control and protection built into the pump, eliminating complexity (AUTOADAPT version)

Technical Data


  • AutoAdapt version for
    easy installation and
    reliable operation