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Grundfos Pumps

SPS helps you choose the right Grundfos pump

The Grundfos range offers hundreds of pump models which can be assembled in numerous configurations according to the applications and specific requirements.
With our experience of pump technology and of the Grundfos pumps range in particular, we are able to help our customers find the precise model to match their specific needs for every application.

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Grundfos SP - Grundfos SP N - Grundfos SP R

Grundfos SQ - Grundfos SQE

Grundfos SQFlex for Renewable Energy Water Supply (AC/DC)

Grundfos CR - Grundfos CRE - Grundfos CRT

Grundfos CRN - Grundfos CRNE

Grundfos Hydro Pressure Booster

Grundfos BM

Grundfos BMS hs

Grundfos BMST - Grundfos BMSX

Grundfos NB - Grundfos NBE - Grundfos NBG - Grundfos NBE

Grundfos NK - Grundfos NKE - Grundfos NKG - Grundfos NKGE

Grundfos HS

Grundfos TP - Grundfos TPE - Grundfos TPD - Grundfos TPDE

Grundfos SE1 - Grundfos SEV

Grundfos SL1 - Grundfos SLV

Grundfos SEG - Grundfos SEG AuotAdapt

Grundfos EF - Grundfos EF AutoAdapt

Grundfos DP and DP AutoAdapt

Grundfos DW

Grundfos DWK

Grundfos DPK

Grundfos S

Grundfos KPL — Axial flow Propeller Pump

Grundfos KWM — Mix Flow Pump

Grundfos DDA — Grundfos DDC — Grundfos DDE

Grundfos DME

Grundfos DMX

Grundfos DMH

Remote Management — Grundfos GRM

Mobile Pump Control — Grundfos Go Remote

Fieldbus Communication Interfaces — Grundfos CIM - Grundfos CHJ

Motor Protection Unit — Grundfos MP204

Multi-Pump Controller — Grundfos MPC

External Frequency Converters — Grundfos CUE

Wastewater Controls

Level Controllers

Safety equipment

Photometric Water Analysis Grundfos DIT-M Photometer - Grundfos DIT-L Compact Photometer