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During the COVID-19 crisis, as production must continue to supply all citizens, SPS Pumps will remain open in order to help our customers with their pumps and parts needs.

Water Supply Pumps — Borehole Pumps

Grundfos — Water Supply Pumps

Grundfos is a global market leader for submersible groundwater pumps, having perfected the match between the pump, motor and protection, with monitoring and controls available for system optimisation. Grundfos is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality submersible motors, and our motors match the optimum duty points for our SP and SQ pumps as well pumps for the water distribution networks.

Grundfos SP – Grundfos SP N – Grundfos SP R

Borehole pumps mid to high flow and head for a wide range of applications

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Grundfos SQ – Grundfos SQE

Borehole pumps for private housing and lower flow requests

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Grundfos SQFlex for Renewable Energy Water Supply (AC/DC)

Borehole pumps run with renewable energy

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Grundfos CR & CRN — Grundfos CRE & CRNE

Water transfer and pressure boosting

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Grundfos Hydro Pressure Booster

Complete water pressure booster pumps for private and public water distribution networks.