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Identify the Polymer of your Stator

Identify in which polymer the Netzsch Stator® is made of

Each stator is coded with a letter as pictured here above.

  • ✔︎ Make a note of the code of your stator as pictured above
  • ✔︎ Let us know the letter code
  • ✔︎ We will be able to identify which polymer is best for your application.

Your application matters

In the case you are not able to identify the polymer code with the method described above, please provide us with a description of your application:

  • ✔︎ Describe the type of fluid?
  • ✔︎ What is the operation temperature?
  • ✔︎ What is the maximum content of solid particle?

Why does stator polymer matters

The stator of a progressive cavity pump is made out of a polymer that is chosen depending of the fluid and the pump application.
Some polymers would simply not resist the presence of even a small quantity of, i.e. hydrocarbure, in the fluid mix, even temporarily.
It is therefore important to choose the stator made out of the right polymer to guaranty the optimum lifetime.

Consider also that, in the pump lifetime, pumped fluid might change. Imagine in water treatment plant, fluids are not always as foreseeable as one can imagine.
This might result in the need to adapt the stator polymer in order to wishstand future usage.

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