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Waukesha ® Remanufactured Pumps

  • Waukesha remanufactured pumps. With our partner Q-Pumps, we remanufactured completely the Waukesha pumps to make them like new ones.

✔︎ Pump body and cover are re-machined to bring back original tolerances and efficiency.
✔︎ Gear case is sandblasted and powder coated.
✔︎ New over-sized Alloy 88 rotors.
✔︎ Same upgrades as new Q-Pumps ZP pumps.
✔︎ Anti-microbial lube.
✔︎ Completed pump is performance tested.

Waukesha Universal® Remanufactured Pumps

Q-Pumps ZP style remanufacturing program has earned an excellent reputation for quality and delivery since it was introduced in 2010.
The complete remanufacturing of the Waukesha® pump restores the ZP style pump of all models ranging from the 06 to the 320, to its original performance and efficiency and offers significant cost savings.
Remanufactured pumps include all standard Q-Pumps upgrades (except a stainless steel gear case), are performance tested before shipment and carry a full one-year factory warranty.