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Vacuum Pumps Travaini

  • Vacuum pumps and systems made by Travaini pour all industrial applications. Travaini TRHA150.
  • Vacuum pumps and systems made by Travaini pour all industrial applications. Travaini OilPack.
  • Vacuum pumps and systems made by Travaini pour all industrial applications. Travaini HydroPack.
  • Vacuum pumps and systems made by Travaini pour all industrial applications. Travaini TRV.

Vacuum Pumps Travaini

  • Top engineering for very high-precision vacuum pumps
  • Great flexibility in production to meet all your challenges
  • Quality and reliability
  • Reactivity

The Company, its Vacuum Pump Range and their Applications

Founded in 1929, TravainiPompe enjoys a rather unique expertise in the field of vacuum pump engineering.
Its factories and engineering offices are at the forefront of technology, both in the field of development and manufacturing of pumps.
TravainiPompe is now recognized for offering quality, reliability, responsiveness, value and performance
You can trust TravainiPompe solutions to solve your most complex industrial challenges.

TravainiPompe offers a wide range of vacuum pumps and complete systems that cover a wide range of industrial applications, including

  • paper mills
  • wastewater treatment
  • the chemical industry
  • the oil industry
  • food production
  • energy
  • the mining industry


Production of Abrasives Drying Abrasives
Aviation Attaching vacuum elements
Altitude simulation
Carburetor test
Vacuum filling
Automotive Industry Vacuum filling of brake fluid and power steering
Carburetor tests
Motor tests
Battery Drying battery plates
Beverages Filling vacuum bottles
Filling machines
Bleach and Detergent Bottle Handling Equipment
Filling the vacuum bottle
Empty on the filling machine
Breweries Filling the vacuum bottle
Deaeration of make-up water
Stirring of malt and yeast during fermentation using a liquid ring pump as a compressor
Brick and Clay Industry Deaeration of clay in extruders
Manufacture of cutters Vacuum pumps on cutters
Making cans Attaching the can lid
Confectionery Vacuum cooking
“Flash” cooling
Carbon Industry Deaeration of graphites
Carburetors Vacuum test and calibration
Cast Vacuum mold cleaning
Deaeration of mussels
Ceramic Deaeration before extruders
Cheese Vacuum packaging
Chemical Industry Process of distillation and evaporation under vacuum
Empty on chemical reactors and other processes
Suction of resin kettles
Vacuum drying of synthetic fibers and other materials
Vacuum deaeration of caustic solutions
Vacuum filling and transfer of liquids in reactors
Vacuum filtration
Deaeration of liquids and solids
Vacuum extraction of gases such as butadiene from latex
Distillation of fatty acids and synthetic resins
Lemonades Deaeration of juices
Empty on evaporators
Vacuum filtration of waste
Coal Mines Dehydration on vacuum filters only on mines dealing with
“Coal ends”, that is, 28 mesh or less
Coffee Vacuum pumps for making coffee powder
Vacuum filling
Vacuum drying of instant coffee
Filling the bottle
Concrete Deaeration and
vacuum lifting of precast concrete slabs
Making Vacuum Cookers
Vacuum cooling
Copper extraction Vacuum filtration
Cosmetics Distillation
Filling flasks
Cotton products Deodorization of cottonseed oils
Distillation of fatty acids
Vacuum sterilization
Dairy Industry Vacuum evaporation tanks
Fast cooling of milk under vacuum
Vacuum pumps on homogenizers
Deodorization of vacuum milk
Vacuum pumps in the manufacture of milk powder
Vacuum filling of containers
Vacuum for automatic milking machines
Liquid ring compressors for aeration and agitation
Dredging Vacuum pumps for degassing dredging pumps
Dry cleaning Vacuum drying to shorten the drying time
Electrical Equipment Filling transformers
Envelopes Enveloping and document processing machines
Explosives Transfer of liquids under vacuum
Vacuum deaeration of solutions
Vacuum drying
Vacuum filtration
Fabrics Vacuum drying
Vacuum impregnation
Fertilizer Vacuum filtration on phosphoric acid filters
Film processing Drying movies
Filter Manufacturing Vacuum pumps for filter
Industrial preparation of fish products Vacuum deodorization
Vacuum drying of fish meal
Vacuum cooling
Vacuum evisceration
Food products Filling of bottles
Vacuum deodorization
Vacuum deaeration
Vacuum drying of fruits and nuts
Vacuum filtration of starch
Vacuum cooking and distillation
Canning and vacuum packing
Gas Vacuum evacuation of old gas cylinders before filling
Vacuum drying of oxygen bottles
Glass Industry Vacuum holding of glasses and bottles during manufacture
Vacuum lifting of flat glass

Hospitals Sterilization
Central vacuum cleaners
Liquor Industry Air stirrer
Lubricants Deaeration and drying of fats
Vacuum degassing
Macaroni and

Vacuum deaeration of the dough to improve the structure and
create firmness
Navy Vacuum priming of centrifugal pumps
Condenser evacuation
Deaeration and degassing of water
Vacuum cleaner for vacuum toilets << / td>
Medical equipment / td>

Steam Sterilization and Vacuum Drying
Vacuum pumps sterilized to treat ethylene
chloride (10% by volume)
Mines Vacuum filtration in the treatment of the following minerals:
Oil Vacuum deodorization of oils such as cotton oils,
peanut oil, soybean oil, etc.
Differential distillation of oils
Oil-free air for agitation
paintings Vacuum deaeration
Vacuum distillation of synthetic resins
Vacuum drying
Vacuum recovery
Paper and Paperboard Products Empty on paper mills, such as egg crates, paper
plates, paper cones, etc.
Oil Industry Combustion gas compressors for CO2 recovery (permissible temperature is approximately 39 ° C)
Bronze pump required if SO2 is present
Vacuum filling and drum cleaning
Vacuum priming of pumps
Recovery of vapors from storage tanks
Vacuum filtration for dewaxing
Pharmaceutical Industry Filling of bottles
Vacuum distillation
Empty for filling capsules
Plastic Industry Vacuum casting
Deaeration of mixers and extruders
Poultry Industry Vacuum evisceration
Vacuum pack
Vacuum drying of egg products
Energy Production Vacuuming the main condenser
Deaeration of the condenser water box
Deaeration and degassing of boiler make-up water
Priming centrifugal pumps
Paper Pulp Industry Drying on paper machines
Resins Vacuum distillation
Deaeration and drying
Rubber Industry Deaeration of latex and synthetic rubber
Vacuum pickling of butadiene on the latex process
Vacuum drying of synthetic rubber
Elimination of steam from tire molding
Vacuum casting
Water treatment Vacuum filtration of sludge
Refining money Vacuum filtration
Soap Manufacturing Deaeration of extruders
Vacuum packaging
Sugar refining Empty on evaporators
Vacuum deaeration of clarified liquor stored for carbonation
Combustion gas compressors for recovering CO2
Vacuum filtration on clarified juice and sludge
Textile Industry Drying the fabric to remove excess water
Drying the fabric under heat and under vacuum
Autoclave for textile sterilization
Tobacco Industry Vacuum drying
Vacuum packaging
Manufacturing Transformers Vacuum filling
Water Treatment Vacuum deaeration to remove gases before treatment
Deaeration of clear water for corrosion in distribution systems
Air agitation to oxidize bacteria
Combustion gas compressors for recovering CO2 used in water treatment systems
Vacuum distillation of sea water
Wines Vacuum filtering of residues
Vacuum evaporators
Filling bottles
Câbleries Plastic extrusion on the cable

Wood industry Vacuum impregnation
Production of wood plates