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Travaini SA Air Compressor

  • Travaini SA family of Air Compressors.
  • Clean Oil Free Air
  • Air quality for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Operation without vibration
  • Low noise level


The double-acting liquid-displacement compressor Travaini SA is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for compressed air for medical use.
The compressor Travaini SA provides compressed air without oil residue or oil smoke at a very high level of purity as used in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Air without Oil

No internal oil lubrication is required. Compressed air is free of carbon and teflon particles (which is most common with free piston compressors).

Cool Dry Air

The air released by the compressors Travaini SA is cold and relatively dry. No post-cooler is required. The typical temperature of the compressed air is about 14°C higher than the temperature of the sealing water at the compressor inlet.

Minimum Reliability & Maintenance

Compressors require very little maintenance compared to other types of oil-free compressors, due to the absence of moving parts such as piston and valves.
In addition, the maintenance and replacement of the air purification equipment is eliminated.

Operation Without Vibrations

No special foundation required, due to lack of reciprocal forces (pistons).

Low Noise Level

Travaini SA liquid ring compressors are very quiet compared to piston compressors.

No need for Filtration

Other types of compressors require expensive air purification equipment to purify the exhaust air.
Purification equipment which generates a significant loss of pressure, which in turns, requires a higher pressure at the output of the compressor in order to reach the pressure required at the points of use.
In addition, incoming air is cleaned of most dust and particles.


Motor Speed 2900 rpm
Motor 11 up to 15 kW
Service Liquid consumption 0.9 m3/h
Noise Level 67 dbA
Maximum Pressure 8 bar


Motor Speed 2900 rpm
Motor 11 up to 18.5 kW
Service Liquid consumption 1 m3/h
Noise Level 69 dbA
Maximum Pressure 7 bar


Motor Speed 2900 rpm
Motor 15 up to 22 kW
Service Liquid consumption 1.5 m3/h
Noise Level 69 dbA
Maximum Pressure 7 bar