To supply the digesters with highly charged fluid, La Lougnolle used, as is customary, an eccentric screw pump of a well-known brand.

Although they offer great advantages, starting with their purchase cost, they have the disadvantage of rapidly wearing out their stator, and even their rotor, when the fluid being pumped is loaded with straw, sand, etc. This is especially true if the speed of rotation exceeds 120 rpm for a heavily loaded fluid or 200 rpm for a medium loaded fluid. This is especially true if the speed exceeds 120 rpm for a heavily loaded fluid or 200 rpm for a medium loaded fluid.

The progressive cavity pump, all things considered in this application, was very expensive in terms of spare parts and downtime.

Mr Moinard then turned to SPS Pumps. The analysis carried out by Mr Jeangille in close collaboration with Mr Moinard was very clear.
The need for reliability, reduced downtime and the imperative need to reduce operational costs while keeping the fluid at the same dry matter content, pointed to the solution offered by peristaltic pumps.

Highly reliable, extremely easy to maintain, low energy consumption, the LSM 80 peristaltic pump selected for the application at La Lougnolle has changed Mr Moinard's life. The peristaltic hose, the only wearing part, is changed less than once a year, and the LSM pump requires virtually no other maintenance, apart from regular lubrication of the gear motor and checking the glycerine level. There is no mechanical seal and therefore no risk of leakage. The product is only in contact with the hose.

I have reduced my maintenance costs considerably with this peristaltic pump. It has been pumping digestate with a high dry matter content (up to 15%), without any breakdowns or breakages, since 2014!
This has changed our life :)
Frankly, the guys at SPS have been a great help

Philippe Moinard

SPS Pumps offers a wide range of technologies.
For each application there is a more suitable pump model. Progressive cavity pumps offer excellent performance in anaerobic digestion applications.
However, it is essential to study all parameters related to the application before selecting the most suitable pump technology.

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Cost-effectiveness calculation between a peristaltic pump and a lobe pump in biogas. Case K Agro.