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Grundfos Spare Parts

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Quickly find the Grundfos spare part you need

In order to help you quickly get the genuine Grundfos spare parts you need
follow these steps:

  • ✔︎ Clearly identify your pump model.
    Every Grundfos pump is identified by a Type code and a Model or Article Number (Product ID). This information is important to identify with certainty
    the spare part list that fits it.
    This information is to be found on the Grundfos pump nameplate.

      Important note in order to identify easily a Grundfos pump by its nameplate data, namely type and model.

    • ✔︎ Type: CRN3-21 A-FGJ-A-E-HQQE
    • ✔︎ Model, Article Number or Product ID: 96516664
    • or

    • ✔︎ Type: SP 46-5N
    • ✔︎ Model, Article Number or Product ID: 15C36905
  • ✔︎ Specify which are the spare parts you need. In the service manual, select the exploded view where you can identify the position of each of the parts you are looking for.
    Write down the position number of all the needed spare parts.
  • ✔︎ With these data, send us an email by clicking on this link.
  • Alternatively

  • ✔︎ Send us a picture of the nameplate of your pump.
  • ✔︎ If you do not have the pump type, model or pump article number, please send us as many details about your application as possible. We will do our best to help you find the Grundfos spare parts you are looking for.