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Spare Parts for PCM Moineau®
Eccentric Screw Pumps

  • ✔︎ For all PCM® Pumps models Series I, ID, H …
  • ✔︎ Stator and rotor for all applications
  • ✔︎ Mechanical spare parts, rods, joint collars, …
  • ✔︎ Highest Quality Guarantied!

Important note on PCM® spare parts

PCM® Progressive Cavity Pumps are different from their competition by one important feature.
The stator selection is made on the base on operating temperature, where with competitors, the rotor varies in size to fit different working temperature ranges.
As a result, do not forget to specify the operating temperature of your application when ordering a compatible stator.

SPS’s commitment

Genuine Spare parts such as PCM stator, PCM rotor and coupling parts are usually rather expensive.
SPS offers a wide range of 100 % compatible PCM® spare parts of
the highest quality standard, at the very best prices!

A few words about the Company

The PCM® progressive cavity pumps enjoy an excellent reputation for quality. They are found in all areas of the industry, with an accent on the oil and gas extraction.
In 1930, René Moineau, a French Engineer, invented the progressive cavity pump (PCP). In 1932, R. Moineau and Robert Bienaimé established PCM. In 1970, the Company invested in new technologies and acquired Delasco pumps and Préci-pompes.
Nowadays, PCM belongs to the French group Gévelot.
PCM pumps are often called Moineau pumps, as reference to Mr Moineau.
Progressive cavity pumps – peristaltic pumps.