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Wangen BIO-FEED Pumps
Introduction of Solids into Biogas Fluids

The Wangen BIO-FEED
Ideally suited for Biogas Fluids

The Wangen BIO-FEED PC pump is specially designed to
allow the continuous introduction of solids into a liquid.
Especially useful in the biogas industry or in wastewater treatment plants.

Due to the pushing of the screw connection,
WANGEN BIO-FEED turns into a high-performance suction pump.

You can use it as a central pump in biogas plant.
And the WANGEN BIO-FEED can also be used in waste water treatment plants
for conveying sewage sludge.

  • Sewage sludge
  • Food waste
  • Chopped corn silage
  • Straw and grass silage
  • Whole crop silage
  • Dry chicken faeces
  • Hackled sugar beets


  • X-LIFT quick change system
  • Large-scale mixing chamber
  • Specially-developed joint with milling screw
  • Liquid addition and high-performance central pump

Wangen Bio-Feed Pumps – Ideal in Biogas Installations

WANGEN PUMPEN’s developed BIO-FEED is designed especially for machines that would like to combine existing screw technology at the solids dispenser with the feeding of liquids.
With a specially-developed milling screw, you can mix the solids that are to be added with the separately added liquid and convey it into the desired containers.

With our innovative X-LIFT quick-change system, the wearing parts are easy to replace.
Only a few simple steps are needed, without this requiring disassembly of the pump from the piping system.
Thereby, WANGEN BIO-FEED is also suitable for use in restricted spaces.

  • Connections: 4 x DN 150, 1 x DN 400
  • Modern waterproofing system (LWD mechanical seals)
  • Very strong and fully developed cardan shaft drive with pre-feed screws
  • Wide selection of gearboxes
  • Port of inspection
  • Stator with S-cone inlet for optimal filling of the pumping chamber
  • Various geometries and pump sizes

Technical Features

Flow Rate Up to 50 m³/h
Maximum Pressure 6 Bar
Maximum Dry Content 15 %