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Allweiler® Progressive Cavity Pump Models

Allweiler ® Progressive cavity pump Models for which
SPS offers 100% compatible spare parts

Many Allweiler® pumps models have tailored codes to suit particular situations.
Do not hesitate to call us if you cannot find your model from the list.

BrandCommercial NameTypeModel# StepsFlow [m3/h]SPS Pump code
AllweilerSEP 0,4.3SEP0,43AL.E.0,4-3
AllweilerSEP 0,8.3SEP0,83AL.E.0,8-3
AllweilerSEP 1,5.3SEP1,53AL.E.1,5-3
AllweilerSEP 2.1SEP21AL.E.2-1
AllweilerSEP 3.2SEP32AL.E.3-2
AllweilerSEP 6.2SEP62AL.E.6-2
AllweilerSEP 12.1SEP121AL.E.12-1
AllweilerSEP 12.2SEP122AL.E.12-2
AllweilerSEP 25.1SEP251AL.E.25-1
AllweilerSEP 25.2SEP252AL.E.25-2
AllweilerSEP 50.1SEP501AL.E.50-1
AllweilerSEP 50.2SEP502AL.E.50-2
AllweilerSEP 100.1SEP1001AL.E.100-1
AllweilerSEP 100.2SEP1002AL.E.100-2
AllweilerSEP 100.4SEP1004AL.E.100-4
AllweilerSEP 150.1SEP1501AL.E.150-1
AllweilerSEP 150.2SEP1502AL.E.150-2
AllweilerSEP 200.1SEP2001AL.E.200-1
AllweilerSEP 200.2SEP2002AL.E.200-2
AllweilerSEP 200.4SEP2004AL.E.200-4
AllweilerSEP 300.1SEP3001AL.E.300-1
AllweilerSEP 380.1SEP3801AL.E.380-1
AllweilerSEP 380.2SEP3802AL.E.380-2
AllweilerSEP 380.4SEP3804AL.E.380-4
AllweilerSEP 400.1SEP4001AL.E.400-1
AllweilerSEP 550.1SEP5501AL.E.550-1
AllweilerSEP 560.1SEP5601AL.E.560-1
AllweilerSEP 720.1SEP7201AL.E.720-1
AllweilerSEP 750.1SEP7501AL.E.750-1
AllweilerSEP 750.2SEP7502AL.E.750-2
AllweilerSEP 850.1SEP8501AL.E.850-1
AllweilerSEP 1000.1SEP10001AL.E.1000-1
AllweilerSEP 1200.1SEP12001AL.E.1200-1
AllweilerSEP 1450.1SEP14501AL.E.1450-1
AllweilerSEP 1450.2SEP14502AL.E.1450-2
AllweilerSEP 2700.1SEP27001AL.E.2700-1
AllweilerSEP 2700.2SEP27002AL.E.2700-2
AllweilerSEP 5000.1SEP50001AL.E.5000-1
AllweilerSNP 3.2SNP32AL.N.3-2
AllweilerSNP 6.2SNP62AL.N.6-2
AllweilerSNP 12.1SNP121AL.N.12-1
AllweilerSNP 12.2SNP122AL.N.12-2
AllweilerSNP 25.1SNP251AL.N.25-1
AllweilerSNP 25.2SNP252AL.N.25-2
AllweilerSNP 50.1SNP501AL.N.50-1
AllweilerSNP 50.2SNP502AL.N.50-2
AllweilerSNP 50.4SNP504AL.N.50-4
AllweilerSNP 100.1SNP1001AL.N.100-1
AllweilerSNP 100.2SNP1002AL.N.100-2
AllweilerSNP 100.4SNP1004AL.N.100-4
AllweilerSNP 200.1SNP2001AL.N.200-1
AllweilerSNP 200.2SNP2002AL.N.200-2
AllweilerSNP 380.1SNP3801AL.N.380-1
AllweilerSNP 380.2SNP3802AL.N.380-2
AllweilerSNP 750.1SNP7501AL.N.750-1
AllweilerSNP 750.2SNP7502AL.N.750-2
AllweilerSNP 1200.2SNP12002AL.N.1200-2
AllweilerSNP 1450.1SNP14501AL.N.1450-1
AllweilerSNP 1450.2SNP14502AL.N.1450-2
AllweilerSNP 1450.2+2SNP14504AL.N.1450-2+2
AllweilerSNP 2300.2SNP23002AL.N.2300-2
AllweilerSNP 2700.2SNP27002AL.N.2700-2
AllweilerTECFLOW 51TecFlow (Triangle)511AL.TF.51-1
AllweilerTECFLOW 101TecFlow (Triangle)1011AL.TF.101-1
AllweilerTECFLOW 201TecFlow (Triangle)2011AL.TF.201-1
AllweilerTECFLOW 381TecFlow (Triangle)3811AL.TF.381-1
AllweilerTECFLOW 751TecFlow (Triangle)7511AL.TF.751-1
AllweilerTECFLOW 1001TecFlow (Triangle)10011AL.TF.1001-1
AllweilerTECFLOW 1451TecFlow (Triangle)14511AL.TF.1451-1
AllweilerAE 1 E 25AE251
AllweilerAE 2 E 25AE252
AllweilerAE 1 E 50AE501
AllweilerAE 2 E 50AE502
AllweilerAE 1 E 100AE1001
AllweilerAE 2 E 100AE1002
AllweilerAE 4 E 100AE1004
AllweilerAE 1 E 150AE1501
AllweilerAE 2 E 150AE1502
AllweilerAE 1 E 200AE2001
AllweilerAE 2 E 200AE2002
AllweilerAE 4 E 200AE2004
AllweilerAE 1 E 300AE3001
AllweilerAE 1 E 380AE3801
AllweilerAE 2 E 380AE3802
AllweilerAE 4 E 380AE3804
AllweilerAE 1 E 400AE4001
AllweilerAE 1 E 550AE5501
AllweilerAE 1 E 560AE5601
AllweilerAE 1 E 720AE7201
AllweilerAE 1 E 750AE7501
AllweilerAE 2 E 750AE7502
AllweilerAE 1 E 850AE8501
AllweilerAE 1 E 1000AE10001
AllweilerAE 1 E 1200AE12001
AllweilerAE 1 E 1450AE14501
AllweilerAE 2 E 1450AE14502
AllweilerAE 1 E 2700AE27001
AllweilerAE 2 E 2700AE27002
AllweilerAE 1 E 5000AE50001
AllweilerAE 1 N 25AE251
AllweilerAE 2 N 25AE252
AllweilerAE 1 N 50AE501
AllweilerAE 2 N 50AE502
AllweilerAE 4 N 50AE504
AllweilerAE 1 N 100AE1001
AllweilerAE 2 N 100AE1002
AllweilerAE 4 N 100AE1004
AllweilerAE 1 N 200AE2001
AllweilerAE 2 N 200AE2002
AllweilerAE 1 N 380AE3801
AllweilerAE 2 N 380AE3802
AllweilerAE 1 N 750AE7501
AllweilerAE 2 N 750AE7502
AllweilerAE 2 N 1200AE12002
AllweilerAE 1 N 1450AE14501
AllweilerAE 2 N 1450AE14502
AllweilerAE 4 N 1450AE14504
AllweilerAE 2 N 2300AE23002
AllweilerAE 2 N 2700AE27002

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