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Hygienic Wangen Pumps
Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Wangen Twin Screw
Hygienic Pumps

Pulsation free
High operational reliability
Compact and without dead zone
Modular for great flexibility
EHEDG certified

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Wangen HYLINE Hygienic Pumps

Unique design
Prevents sedimentation
Very simple maintenance
Up to 7 m3/hour

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Wangen KL-SL Hygienic Pumps

Excellent performance
Very good pressure resistance
EHEDG certified

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Wangen KL-RL Hygienic Pumps

Ideal for fruits, meats
Sausages, creams, ...
Almost constant flow
Many options

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Wangen KL-RF Hygienic Pumps

Butters, ice cream
Very robust
CIP compliant

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Wangen KB-SL Hygienic Pumps

Food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical fluids
All gently
Very good suction capacity
EHEDG certified

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Industrial pumps

Discover the Wangen range
industrial pumps
Dosing, transfer,
Mixing, ...

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All Wangen Pumps

Discover the whole range
Wangen pumps
for industry

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